Berlin Gluhwein Guide: 60+ Places To Enjoy Mulled Wine in Every District and Neighborhood

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berlin brandenburg gate with a large christmas tree in front and people drinking gluhwein
Where to find gluhwein to-go in every district in Berlin

Enjoy your favorite German Christmas drink whether you’re visiting a Christmas market or not. This Berlin Gluhwein To-Go Guide will show you 60+ places to buy mulled wine in every district and neighborhood in Berlin.

The most popular Christmas markets in Berlin are going ahead in 2024 (thank goodness!). But not everyone enjoys wrestling the crowds at a Christmas market, just to enjoy a hot mug of gluhwein.

Don’t you worry – we’ve got a solution for you!

We’ve listed 60+ restaurants, cafes, and bars in every district and neighborhood in Berlin where you can buy this Christmas drink for a ‘gluhwein walk’ with a friend. Not only is this a great alternative to visiting Christmas markets, but it’s often cheaper too.

I personally love Christmas markets. But I won’t lie – the food and gluhwein are overpriced. You can easily spend more than you would if you had opted to enjoy dinner at a sit-down restaurant instead.

And lastly, it’ll give you a good reason to go outside. We all know how depressing the dark winter months can get.

So if you’re ready to become a gluhwein connoisseur, just look for the district you live in (or heading to) and find the nearest place to buy gluhwein in Berlin near you. We’ve listed the districts in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find.

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Berlin Gluhwein To-Go Tips

  • Bring your own refillable mug for your gluhwein to keep it eco-friendly. Or if you really want to get into the Christmas vibe, bring your favourite Christmas market mug!
  • Don’t hang around outside the restaurant, bar or cafe after you’ve got your gluhwein. Go for a stroll instead. Otherwise, you may get the owner of the establishment in trouble with the police.
  • Don’t overindulge in gluhwein if you’re cycling back home. It’s the most important traffic rule when cycling in Germany.

Gluhwein in Berlin Mitte

the Franzosischer Dom and the Deutsche Dom in berlin mitte
The gorgeous Franzosischer Dom in Berlin’s Mitte district

1. Restaurant SIMON

Where: Auguststraße 53, 10119 Berlin

This beautiful Italian/Mediterranean restaurant located in Berlin’s Mitte district sells delicious gluhwein to go between 1PM and 9PM. They also sell homemade pumpkin soup and paninis for takeout if you’re feeling peckish.

2. Deutsche Küche

Where: Sophienstraße 11, 10178 Berlin

Get traditional mulled wine to-go from this German restaurant located near Hackescher Markt.

3. Wild & Raw

Where: Weinbergsweg 5, 10119 Berlin

It may be hard to travel with the cost of living rising. But you can enjoy a taste of Hawaii with these super yummy and healthy poke bowls at Wild & Raw. It’s also a great place to buy gluhwein to-go in Berlin, especially if you’re going for a walk at Volkspark Weinberg.

4. Planet Wein

Where: Mohrenstraße, Charlottenstraße 30, 10117 Berlin

If you’re missing Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market as much as we do, then make sure you get a hot cuppa gluhwein from Planet Wein before heading off to see the Franzosischer Dom and the Deutsche Dom in the heart of Berlin.

5. Bandy Brooks

Where: Friedrichstraße 96, 10117 Berlin

It may be too cold for ice cream, but it’s never too cold for a hot and spicy cup of gluhwein from Bandy Brooks.

6. Cafe Chagall

Where: Georgenstraße 4, 10117 Berlin

Planning to take a walk around Berlin’s Museum Island? Then grab a gluhwein to go from Cafe Chagall.

7. Sawade Berlin-Mitte

Where: Rosenthaler Str. 40, 10178 Berlin

Maybe you’ve tried chocolate and wine pairing. But have you tried chocolate and gluhwein pairing? No? Try it next time you visit Sawade Berlin-Mitte.

8. KaffeeMitte

Where: Weinmeisterstraße 9a, 10178 Berlin

Drink coffee to change the things you can control in life and gluhwein to accept the things you can’t. Get your gluhwein takeout before doing some much deserved Christmas shopping in Berlin.

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Gluhwein in Charlottenburg

charlottenburg palace in berlin and where you can buy mulled wine for takeout
Get a gluhwein to-go and walk around Schloss Charlottenburg gardens

9. Restaurant Schlossgarten

Where: Schloßstraße 64, 14059 Berlin

The Charlottenburg Christmas market is one of my all-time favorites. But it does get pretty busy and crowded there. Avoid the crowds, grab a gluhwein to-go and take a walk around the Charlottenburg Palace gardens instead.

Related Guide: Prefer visiting less touristy, more intimate Christmas markets? Make sure you check out these Berlin Advent Markets. They’re great alternatives to visit instead of the popular Christmas markets. Not only are they’re less crowded, off-the-beaten-track, and cheaper to visit, but they offer a more authentic local experience too.

10. Manstein Café Bistrot

Where: Witzlebenstraße 32, 14057 Berlin

The best place to get yourself a spicy cup of gluhwein if you’re planning to take a walk around Lietzensee lake in Berlin. This wonderful bistro sells cakes and other delicious food for takeout too.

Gluhwein in Friedenau

11. LuLa am Markt

Where: Lauterstraße 14, 12159 Berlin

This cute, hidden gem in Friedenau sells gluhwein and other scrumptious food to go, from pizzas to vegan wraps.

12. frohSINN schank speisen barkultur

Where: Cranachstraße 39, 12157 Berlin

This tastefully decorated restaurant is currently selling gluhwein, crepes, hot chocolate, coffee and even the German classic, Leberkase brotchen mit Krautsalat.

Gluhwein in Friedrichshain

There are tons of places selling gluhwein to-go in Berlin’s vibey Friedrichshain district. But here are a few to get you started.

13. Tapet

Where: Proskauer Str. 10, 10247 Berlin

This popular tapas bar in Berlin is selling gluhwein and other delicious food to-go. Check out their full menu on the Tapet Restaurant website.

14. SmooBar Cafe

Where: 79, Grünberger Str., 10245 Berlin

Make a pit stop at SmooBar Cafe just opposite Boxhagener Platz to buy fresh, homemade gluhwein in both red and white.

15. MACHETE Berlin

Where: Neue Bahnhofstraße 29, 10245 Berlin

Get the best of both worlds and try an authentic Mexican burrito with your German mulled wine.

16. Restaurant U&P

Where: Sonntagstraße 26, 10245 Berlin

Traditional gluhwein from a traditional German restaurant. What else do you need?

17. Restaurant Kurhaus Korsakow

Where: Grünberger Str. 81, 10245 Berlin

Another awesome German restaurant to buy hot and spicy gluhwein in Berlin.

18. Zimt & Zunder

Where: Gärtnerstraße 15, 10245 Berlin

One of the most popular organic cafes in Friedrichshain! Try their hot chocolate, gluhwein or Holunderpunsch (elderberry punch) to go and see if you have enough willpower to resist their decadent cakes and sweet treats.

19. ROCKz

Where: Simon-Dach-Straße 37, 10245 Berlin

Grab a gluhwein to go from one of the favourite local hangout spots in Friedrichshain.

20. Migi Würsch Cocktailbar

Where: Boxhagener Str. 13, 10245 Berlin

The name says it all! Get your favourite cocktails, gluhwein and whatever drinks tickles your fancy from this popular bar in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Gluhwein in Grunewald, Berlin

grunewald forest in berlin with view of trees and lake
A walk in nature with a hot cup of gluhwein – what more can you ask for?

21. Paulsborn am Grunewaldsee

Where: Hüttenweg 90, 14193 Berlin

Who says you can’t buy gluhwein in the middle of the forest? Anything is possible when you’re in Berlin. Grab a gluhwein to go from the charismatic Paulsborn am Grunewaldsee. It’s a short walk from the ‘Parkplatz Grunewaldsee’ parking.

Gluhwein in Kreuzberg, Berlin

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re looking for gluhwein in Berlin’s lively Kreuzberg district. There are plenty of places to buy this favourite Christmas beverage, but this list will get you started.

beautiful mural of elephant in berlin's kreuzberg district
Kreuzberg is known for it’s mind blowing street art

22. The Neighborhood

Where: Möckernstraße 91, 10963 Berlin

This stylish gastropub in Berlin makes mouth-watering homemade gluhwein amongst other hot and boozy drinks. Think mulled cider, Irish coffee and peppermint mocha. Yum!

23. Rubens Coffee Lounge

Where: Mehringdamm 65, 10961 Berlin

Coffee by day, gluhwein by night! Another awesome spot to buy gluhwein to-go in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district.

24. Destille Kreuzberg

Where: Mehringdamm 67, 10961 Berlin

Not a fan of gluhwein? Get other awesome alcoholic beverages for takeout at this popular bar in Kreuzberg.

25. Frau Behrens Torten

Where: Bergmannstraße 3, 10961 Berlin

Frau Behrens Torten doesn’t only sell Germany’s favourite ‘torte’ or cake. They also sell gluhwein!

26. MarktWirtschaft

Where: Marheinekepl. 15, 10961 Berlin

Of course, the legendary MarktWirtschaft in Kreuzberg offers gluhwein to-go.

27. Fermento Weinbar

Where: Friesenstraße 21, 10965 Berlin

If you’ve indulged in too much gluhwein and want to try something different, this boutique wine bar in vibey Bergmannkiez sells other hot, alcoholic drinks. Try Glogg, the Danish version of mulled wine or order a Weinschorle (wine spritzer) to go.

28. Bar Franzotti

Where: Kreuzbergstraße 71, 10965 Berlin

Planning to take a stroll at Viktoriapark? Make a stop at Bar Franzotti for a hot cuppa gluhwein.

29. Das Gretel

Where: Hagelberger Str. 15, 10965 Berlin

This cafe also sells gluhwein for takeout but they’re only open from Wednesdays to Sundays.

swans swimming on landwehrkanal in berlin and where you can buy gluhwein in the area
The popular local hangout spot in Kreuzberg – Landwehr Canal

30. Lausebengel

Where: Grimmstraße 21, 10967 Berlin

German cuisine with a modern twist – Lausebengel is located in the gorgeous Graefekiez within a stone’s throw from the Landwehr Canal. The perfect location for getting that cup of gluhwein before taking a romantic walk along the water.

31. Milchmadchen

Where: Grimmstraße 30, 10967 Berlin

Another awesome cafe to buy gluhwein to-go along the Landwehr Canal in Berlin, just off Admiralsbrucke.

32. La Maison

Where: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 17, 10999 Berlin

This popular French patisserie doesn’t only sell delectable baked bread and pastries. They also have pretty delicious gluhwein too.

Gluhwein in Moabit

33. Moa – Café & Bar

Where: Kirchstraße 1, 10557 Berlin

A great cafe to buy gluhwein close to Kleiner Tiergarten park in Moabit, Berlin.

34. Exclusive Coffee

Where: Turmstraße 25, 10559 Berlin

Exclusive Coffee also sells mulled wine – just saying.

35. Tastavin – Weinhandel Weinbar

Where: Arminiusstraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll probably be delighted to know that Tastavin will also be selling gluhwein during the Christmas period.

Gluhwein in Neukolln

Looking for places to buy gluhwein around Tempelhof, Hasenheide or the vibey neighbourhood of Schillerkiez? Here are some restaurants, bars and cafes you can visit.

a gluhwein walk during sunset at tempelhofer feld neukolln
Sunset walks at Berlin’s favourite hangout – Tempelhofer Feld

36. Blauer Affe

Where: Weisestraße 60, 12049 Berlin

One of Neukolln’s old school pubs! You can grab a hot cup of gluhwein here. Or if you’re still in denial that winter has arrived, you can also order a cold gin and tonic or a summer Aperol spritz.

37. 21 gramm

Where: Hermannstraße 179, 12049 Berlin

21 gramm is probably one of the most unique restaurant and bar we’ve visited in Berlin! It’s located inside St Thomas Church next to a cemetery. They sell gluhwein to go, but you’ll probably want to sit in given how stunning their interiors are.

38. Home: Brewing & Kitchen

Where: Jonasstraße 23, 12053 Berlin

This quaint coffee shop on Jonasstrasse sells amazing coffee, delicious baked goods as well as gluhwein, of course. If you’re missing English favourites like cheddar cheese scones, thyme scones or BBQ baked beans, make sure to check out the Home: Brewing & Kitchen menu.

39. Rixbox Espresso & Food

Where: Richardstraße 2, 12043 Berlin

Doing some Christmas shopping in Karl-Marx Strasse? Take a break at Rixbox Espresso with a hot cuppa gluhwein.

40. Herr Lindemann Cocktail Bar auf Kräuterbasis

Where: Richardpl. 16, 12055 Berlin

Another awesome bar where you can grab gluhwein to-go in Berlin if you’re on the Richardstrasse side of Neukolln.

41. Cafe Lux

Where: Herrfurthstraße 9, 12049 Berlin

If you’re heading to Tempelhofer Feld and in dire need of gluhwein, Cafe Lux will be one of the closest cafes to buy it from.

Gluhwein in Prenzlauer Berg

Ah, Prenzlauer Berg – or otherwise affectionately known as PBerg. You’ll feel like a kid in the candy store in this part of Berlin with all the gluhwein to-go options!

people standing in a long queue in kulturbrauerei prenzlauer berg district berlin before corona times
Nightlife at Kulturbrauerei

42. Badfish Bar

Where: Stargarder Str. 14, 10437 Berlin

You can experience a slice of New York at Badfish Bar with a hot, cuppa mulled wine for takeout of course!

43. Plant Base

Where: Prenzlauer Allee 208, 10405 Berlin

As the name of this cafe suggests, if you’re looking for homemade, organic and VEGAN gluhwein in Berlin, Plant Base is the place to be.

44. Schankwirtschaft Seeblick

Where: Rykestraße 14, 10405 Berlin

Now this one is unique – a German restaurant that also serves vegan dishes! What more can you ask for? Order food or gluhwein to-go from their menu.

45. Misirlou Bar

Where: Dunckerstraße 10, 10437 Berlin

The best place to grab gluhwein if you’re planning to take a stroll at Helmoltzplatz park.

46. KINK Bar & Restaurant

Where: Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin

Hanging around Kollwitzkiez? Get some Christmas vibes with a cup of gluhwein from KINK Bar & Restaurant to wash the winter blues away.

47. Manifest Taproom

Where: Oderberger Str. 15, 10435 Berlin

Are you a craft beer lover? Then you need to visit Manifest Taproom. Not only do they sell gluhwein to-go, but there are also 20+ craft beers to try! The bar is also conveniently located close to both Kulturbrauerei and Mauerpark fleamarket so there’s plenty of room for walking and exploring.

48. Restaurant Muse

Where: Immanuelkirchstraße 31, 10405 Berlin

One of the most popular restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg! Not only can you order delicious food, but you can also shop handmade products from their online deli! Their gluhwein is homemade and comes in both red and white.

49. Salt’n Bone

Where: Schliemannstraße 31, 10437 Berlin

Missing that authentic gastro bar vibe? Then make a stop at Salt’n Bone and grab some mouthwatering burgers, wings and even fish and chips to-go with your gluhwein.

50. Dirty Velvet Drinkery

Where: Lychener Str. 39, 10437 Berlin

What do you get when you mix alcohol and art? Well, Dirty Velvet Drinkery of course!

51. Lamm Bar

Where: Wisbyer Str. 1, 10439 Berlin

You can’t hang around Prenzlauer Berg and not visit this trendy bar. Get your favourite alcoholic (or alkoholfrei) drink, hot and spicy gluhwein and Flammkuchen to share!

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Gluhwein in Schoneberg

52. Berio

Where: Maaßenstraße 7, 10777 Berlin

An amazing bakery that sells a variety of cakes, pastries, other baked goods, and of course gluhwein to-go!

53. Bar Voyage

Where: Nollendorfstraße 1, 10783 Berlin

Bar Voyage – the cozy bar famous for its amazing drag and cabaret shows! Let’s show them lots of love and support by drinking all their gluhwein (or shots).

54. Barkett

Where: Czeminskistraße 10, 10829 Berlin

One of Schoneberg’s most popular neighbourhood bars that has live music shows.

55. Café Sully

Where: Leberstraße 8, 10829 Berlin

Love all things homemade? Then you need to try the delicious dishes and gluhwein from Cafe Sully.

56. Pizzeria Trattoria Café LuNa

Where: Gotenstraße 18, 10829 Berlin

Nothing beats pizza and pasta to chase away the winter blues. And if you order on Mondays to Fridays between 12PM and 4PM from Pizzeria Trattoria Cafe LuNa, you can buy pizza or pasta for only €6! The cherry on top? They sell gluhwein to-go in Berlin too!

Gluhwein in Wedding

57. Schraders Bar and Kitchen

Where: Malplaquetstraße 16B, 13347 Berlin

One of the oldest gastro pubs in Wedding if not in the whole of Berlin! Get your mulled wine here if you’re planning to take a walk around Schillerpark and the English Quarter.

58. Tre Amici

Where: Neptunstraße 30, 13409 Berlin

Italian food and gluhwein – need we say more?

Gluhwein in Wilmersdorf

longest street lights in the world during christmas at Kurfürstendamm
Grab a cuppa gluhwein whilst you do your Christmas shopping in Kurfurstendamm

59. 12seasons – Restaurant & Bar

Where: Giesebrechtstraße 3, 10629 Berlin

Looking for delicious, hot gluhwein to go around Kurfurstendamm? Make a stop at the 12seasons Restaurant and Bar. This fine-dining restaurant also sells gourmet wildbratwurst, kartoffelsuppe (potato soup) and gnocchi for takeout.

60. Restaurant Berliner Hof

Where: Hildegardstraße 14, 10715 Berlin

Restaurant Berliner Hof not only sells gluhwein to-go, but also decadent Christmas biscuits.

61. Cafe LebensArt

Where: Uhlandstraße 47, 10719 Berlin

Tired of gluhwein? Cafe LebensArt sells ‘gluhbirne’ which is mulled wine made from pears.

62. Cafe Restaurant Manzini

Where: Ludwigkirchstraße 11, 10719 Berlin

Another awesome spot to grab gluhwein and something to eat when you’re doing Christmas shopping in Kurfurstendamm.

Wrapping Things Up

You don’t necessarily have to visit a Christmas market to enjoy a delicious cup of gluhwein. Besides visiting local Advent markets, you could also just grab a gluhwein to go from many restaurants, cafes, and bars across the city.

Want to add your favourite restaurant, cafe or bar in Berlin on this list? Email us with a short description of what’s awesome about this place and we may add it to this Berlin Gluhwein guide.

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