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Apply the best search engine optimization standards to unlock massive amounts of organic traffic. Stay up-to-date with all the latest SEO news and trends.

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Leverage off the power of WooCommerce to bring your product or service to the world. Use technology to fully automate every aspect of your online business.

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I'm speaking from experience when I say that you have come a long way and that you're also ahead of a lot of website developers and designers. If you're enjoying it, make it a career in the future.
I went from 30 or so ranking keywords to just under 1,000 in a few months. Most of my work now is working on ranking for higher quality keywords. My Organic traffic is back to March 2019 levels.
You are the most advanced OceanWP and overall WordPress user we have ever had. Unlike most of the other websites who only rely on copying third-party content, you will be able to actually help people.


Most frequent questions and answers about SEO 101, website optimization strategies and how to get online marketing to work for you.

Google and other search engines have become the go to place anytime someone needs information. So if someone is searching for anything remotely related to what you offer on your website or online shop, you absolutely want to appear in the search results. It’s literally free marketing! So investing in SEO to unlock organic traffic is an absolute no brainer.

We conduct a search engine optimization audit of every page of your website using a combination of SEO tools such as Lighthouse, to ensure that your site follows the best SEO practices. We then use the results obtained from our SEO audit to tweak and enhance the content on your website to meet SEO best practices. This makes it easier for search engines to better understand your content, pushing your website higher up the rankings and suggesting your site in relevant search results. And that’s how you unlock more traffic!

To see an SEO audit in action, have a look at the Lighthouse Results of our Consulting page (the page you’re reading).

If you’re not a technical person or don’t have a general understanding of all the things (also called assets) that go into making and displaying (or rendering) a web page, then website optimization may be difficult to grasp at first. These assets we speak of include things such as the HTML documentstyle sheetsJavaScript (JS)fonts, images and even videos.

The important thing is to understand that each web page is made up of several of these assets, and that each asset is loaded as a single request on web browsers such as Google Chrome. So when someone visits a page on your website, the web browser loads several requests, each made up of these assets, to display the entire web page.

So when we talk about website optimization, we are actually referring to improving the way these requests are arranged in the back-end of your website so that it not only loads faster on the front end, but also doesn’t load unnecessary assets that your visitors don’t need. Think of it as tweaking the engine under the bonnet so that the car (your website) performs better, while giving the passenger (your visitor) a comfortable and smooth ride.

You can see that this site loads in only 7 requests, by inspecting the Waterfall Chart on the GTmetrix Performance Report for this web page. You can also check exactly how many requests each page of your website loads by analysing your site on GTmetrix.

Website optimization is much more than just improving how assets and their corresponding requests are loaded. The benefits of web optimization transcends its technical objective, by also indirectly improving SEO as well as User Experience (UX).

When a website is optimized, you are essentially trying to reduce the total number of requests or even combine several assets into single requests, that are necessary to load a web page. Website optimization also involves changing the order of some requests, depending on how important the asset is to render or display the web page. For example, assets such as fonts would need to be loaded with a higher priority to ensure that there is no delay in rendering or displaying your website on a web browser.

By optimizing your website, you’re not only giving your visitor an improved UX by serving your website faster, but you may also rank higher in search engines since Google now prioritises optimized websites in their search results.

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The experienced team driving SEO, Website Optimization and Sales Automation.

Chloe Smulian from Wanderlust Consulting specializing in seo, wesbite optimization and e-commerce solutions

Chloe Smulian


Specialist real estate investment professional (CFA) with over 7 years industry experience in investment banking and investment management. Gave up the corporate life to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a travel blogger. And now stumbled upon what has become a new passion, helping people find useful and accurate information online and connecting businesses with customers.

Michael Smulian from Wanderlust Consulting specializing in seo, wesbite optimization and e-commerce solutions

Michael Smulian

Web Optimization Guru

Professional with over 10 years experience across several industries including management consulting, international trade, supply chain and logistics, leisure, education management, and customer service. Gave up the corporate life to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a travel blogger. Now stumbled upon what has become a new passion, helping people expand their businesses online.

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